Accounts Payable Specialist - Makati

Tuesday, 8 December 2015
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City: Makati, Metro Manila


Contact name Airrah

Item description

1. Handles receipt of all payment request e.g. PO and non-PO-based
2. Validate supporting documents of approved Request-for-Payment for Non-PO transactions.
3. Ensure 3-way matching (Invoice, DR and PO) for transactions with PO.
4. Process transactions in the FMS system.
5. Timely processing of monthly amortization payments.
6. Proper monitoring of Operating Expenditure Request (OER
1. Monitoring and regular reconciliation of monthly subsidiary ledgers of the following assigned accounts:
• Input Taxes
• Deposits and Bonds
• Retention Fee payable
• Accrued rent
• Accrued repairs and maintenance
• Down payment to Suppliers
• Prepaid Expenses
• Deposits and Bonds
• Sundry Creditors
• Accrued Other Expenses
• Accrued Services
• Withholding Tax payable – expanded
• All Service Fees
• Accrued Purchases
• R&M – Blg Facilities
• R&M – Computer & Eqpt
• R&M – Furniture & Fixtures
• R&M – Others
• Utilities – Water
• Utilities – Electricity
• Contracted Services
2. Preparation of vendor reconciliation or payment details on a monthly basis.
1) Preparation and submission of the following BIR forms:
• Semi-Annual Regular Suppliers List
• VAT forms (2550M, 2550Q and summary of quarterly purchases
• Expanded Withholding Tax (1601-E, 1604- E and MAP
• Preparation, monitoring and issuance of creditable withholding tax certificate.
General Safety & Security Responsibilities
Protects the organization’s assets thru upholding the principles of the Quality Information Security Management System (QISMS
Ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information critical to fulfilling the organizations business functions.
Knowledge on Basic Accounting and Audit Principles
1. Able to prepare accounting entries accordingly to record day-to-day transactions.
2. Able to identify erroneous documents submitted when checking accuracy and existence of transactions.
3. Able to require documents as needed to ensure completeness of transactions prior to recording.
4. Able to make recommendations for adjustments.
5. Able to negotiate settlement of inter-company charges of affiliates without violation of any accounting or audit principles.
Familiarity on Company’s Methods and Procedures (M&P’s
1. Able to check compliance on M&P’s based on documents submitted for validation.
2. Able to check proper approvers of documents per Company’s financial authority policy.
3. Able to observe and address improvements on the group’s internal and external SLA
Knowledge on Tax Rules and Regulations
1. Able to identify proper tax rules and tax deadlines on corresponding transactions.
2. Able to plan and schedule tasks to be able to submit tax returns on time.
3. Able to effectively use programs and software applications provided by the regulatory agencies thru acceptable data and data formats.
4. Able to utilize a database/checklist detailing all taxes withheld from each supplier to ensure correct tax returns submitted to BIR.
1. Able to write or compose effective business letter, memos and reports (e.g. incident/status reports).
2. Able to communicate clearly (in oral or written form) in English and Filipino; able to shift language and style to fit audience (e.g. shift from Technical to Layman terms as appropriate).
Organizing Work
1. Able to organize work schedule based on a given project/work assignment; able to prepare a plan of action given workload and deliver as committed.
2. Able to coordinate and provide feedback/status on work assignments to immediate superior and other people concerned.
Computer Literacy
1. Able to use the computer and its application as a tool for work (e.g. e-mail, MS office, Internet, and other software application).
2. Able to effectively utilize accounting applications and reporting tool (e.g.FMS) for the advantage of the work and one’s function with less supervision.
Excellence with Passion
1. Driven by self-imposed urgency to optimize the use of time in the attainment of goals.
2. Able to constantly seek to outdo oneself by achieving more and doing better than one’s prior accomplishments.
3. Able to give the highest professional and personal standards in all that is done and take pride in the quality of one’s work and output.
4. Able to seek recognition based on the performance and merit and actively discourage politics, turfism, and advancement based on who knows who.
Personal Maturity
1. Able to demonstrate a high level of awareness of one’s strengths and limitation.
2. Able to maintain effectiveness and composure amidst pressures and difficulties arising from opposition, unforeseen problems, and simultaneous demands from diverse task.
Respect for the Individual
1. Able to treat each other in accordance with the highest norms of respect and fairness.
2. Able to develop and maintain positive working and social relationship with peers, subordinates, superiors and clients.
3. Able to deliver commitments that can truly be delivered.
Taking the Total View
1. Able to define one’s role within the context of the entire business.
2. Able to recognize how one’s output adds value to the service/product provided to the customer.
3. Able to recognize how one’s output adds value to the service/product provided by the customer.
Thriving in Change
1. Able to empower oneself to meet the challenges of the business environment by embracing reality that the business environment is not static.
2. Able to anticipate, understand, and define change and its impact on one’s self and the organization.
3. Able to trigger and support change that is assessed to be necessary and beneficial to the organization.
4. Able to help others/team in defining the impact of change efforts and transition through these changes.
5. Able to establish, implement and continuously improve the quality information security policies assigned to him / her.
6. Able to establish structure and procedures to protect classified information
7. Able to report information security related incidents without any delay to the right authority. Example: All information-related incidents, losses, weaknesses and software/hardware malfunctions, breaches of confidentiality.
8. Able to participate during training, orientation and awareness programs pertaining to QISMS.
• Graduate of BSC Accounting/BS Accounting; preferably CPA
• Male or Female
• Computer literate and with good analytical skills
• Hardworking, flexible, attentive to details, good interpersonal skills, organized worker
Fresh Graduates are accepted
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